Sample Actuator Curve plugged 1910H

Sample Actuator

  • Active Length 19 mm
  • Bending High
  • Width 10 mm
  • plugged


A discreet actuator offers completely new possibilities for adjustment functions without the conventional mechanics. The enabled new solutions are lightweight, compact and easy to integrate. Customizable to all your needs and requirements in size, substrate, deflection, load and electrical resistance.

Different mounting options such as adhesive films, liquid adhesives, bolts, rivets, screws, plug-on are possible. As well as there are different solutions for the electrical interface such as crimping, soldering, plugging in, welding etc.

For this configuration the data sheet is available here: 

This actuator configuration is only available on request. There are three actuators available in our product portfolio as sample actuators or modules.

Request a sample actuator right here.



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