Actuator Samples

We offer three different Curve actuators as samples to enable engineers, developers, designers and innovation managers to develop creative new ideas. The samples cover different cornerstones of our Curve actuator product range.

Curve 1910E10: The small actuator with strong curvature, when you need to move something in a small space!

Curve 3920E20: The long actuator with large stroke, a good solution for many tasks!

Curve 2940E24: The large actuator with a lot of force, when something has to happen with emphasis!

Sample Kit 3920M

Ready to use Actuator Kit
3920M Sample Actuator with Battery and Switch

An actuator kit is also available for the Curve 3920M. The kit, consisting of battery, pushbutton and Curve 3920M bending actuator, allows you to experience our bending actuators in action on your desk without any effort.


Module design and characteristics

Selection of deflection

Prepare for external load

Selection of operating mode

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