New Freedom with Minimum Installation Space and Minimum Weight

Integrated Bending Actuators combine fiber-reinforced plastics and shape memory alloys

and generate large changes in geometry even at low temperature changes.

The Ordinary

The Essence of Actuation

How it works?

CompActive designs and manufactures active components and systems based on shape memory alloys (SMA). With our actuator principle, we enable adjustment functions that can be implemented with minimal installation space, minimum weight and with a gap-free and kink-free contour. As a result, the technology offers new opportunities for innovative applications in a cross-industry environment. CompActive provides all steps from idea to modules for series application from feasibility studies, setup of functional prototypes and detailed design to manufacturing of active modules.

Unique Features with New Possibilities


The size of components plays a crucial role in many industries. With the patented design of the active modules, the CompActive technology offers the possibility of realizing adjustment functions even in a very small space.


CompActive actuators have little weight compared to conventional actuators. Depending on the field of application and implemented functions, the active hybrid assemblies are thus able to increase the performance, efficiency and comfort of technical products.


The compact design of the CompActive actuators allows for maximum design freedom. The customizable size of the modules allows a specific design to meet market and customer needs.


Simplicity with the greatest possible customer benefit is our goal. The hybrid assemblies with integrated actuators from CompActive require neither mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics nor high voltages. Only an adaptable electrical control is sufficient to implement the adjustment selectively or autonomously reacting.

Gap- and kinkfree

Kinks and gaps are things of the past. Continuous curvature of the CompActive actuators makes it possible to aerodynamically design the application.


The shape memory alloys used in the CompActive actuators enable noiseless operation. This also makes the application interesting for applications in which noises are a sensitive topic.

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